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GM Must hate their Lyriq customers

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    My Ultium Wall Charger has been broken since March. The dealer ordered a new one that is on back order and unavailable with no date as to when it will be available. I callled the Concierge for assistance and the EV Concierge has opened a case. The Concierge is one of the most useless programs I have ever delt with. The have no knowledge of the car and no authority to help. They don’t return calls and they disconnect the calls. All I asked GM for was a new charger or a refund. They don’t seem to understand that the Lyriq needs an EVSE to work. I have bought 14 new GM cars since 1995 and hope to remain a customer but this conduct on the part by GM puts that in doubt.
    I received a call this morning from Kay @ GM 866 790 5600 telling me that my local Cadillac dealer can’t warranty this charger and that I would have to do to the selling dealer 154 miles away to exchange the part.
    If anyone is thinking of buying any parts from the GM My Cadillac program you should keep this in mind.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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