do you want a Blackwing?

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    Do you want a blackwing? Well, I do and this is what I know so far!
    I went on the website to order but they were all sold on first day. Since I owned a Honda Motorcycle Dealer for forty years and did all the ordering all that time. I could see myself ordering one for my dealership using a friend or employee to place the order, and I would supply the 1,000.00 deposit, and then worry about it later. I never had to do this with Honda, but I did have to pay care full attention to the ordering process.
    So, I said to myself “well I have a 2017 CTS-V all I need to do is buy a carbon fiver rear wing and I would have the best of both cars”. The front end of a 17 and the back end of the 22. But I did put my name on the waiting list. A few days later I got the call from the dealer. Of course, they wanted to sell me a CT5-V. (Not interested). Last month I got a call from someone I know at that dealer that had delivered my 2017-V. He wanted to have me come in and make an order sheet for the Blackwing? I asked, “are they going to build it”? He did not know!
    I went in a few days later after researching everything on a multiple of websites, I requested Rift color which was the closest I could find to white metallic. And took the cool gray with jet black accents for the interior. I also took every accessory except the Auto trans and ceramic brakes. I have read somewhere that if you order the ceramic brakes, you get color coded key fob and disk brake calipers, so maybe I made a mistake here. I also skipped the red seat bults? If anybody knows about the ceramic brakes option, please let me know. I offered a deposit to the dealer, but they declined which was a good idea because, if I someone had given them a deposit and the care was not delivered some A-hole could have a lawsuit against the dealer.
    Last week I was in the dealership with another Caddy and I asked them again “no word yet but they are not going to build it thill the end of summer.”
    So that’s where we are now! Maybe I will get my Third V-car form Cadillac or maybe not. But I still have a great Cadillac Dealer, Val Ward Cadillac in Fort Myers Fl. My local Chevy dealer wanted 163.00 to change the oil in my Z06, Val Ward did the same service for less than 80.00.


    Awesome order. I have a 2023 CT4-V Blackwing in Summit White (auto) and I LOVE it. I have surprised many RS Audio and M3 BMW’s with that awesome LFA 3.6 V6 TT engine! If you’re having trouble ordering one, Hennessy Cadillac in Duluth, GA has a GREAT, performance-oriented sales team. I ordered a CTS from them in 2004 and should have gotten my 2023 there but didn’t. I found it in a dealership on the south side of Atlanta (on the showroom floor). Make sure that you get the Blackwing badge on the back. Many of the 2023 Blackwing models (both CT4-V and CT5-V BW) do not have the badge because GM ran out of them! If yours doesn’t have it, you can contact Cadillac Customer Care and they will send you one for free. But the dealer still charges to put it on. (I had them do it because I wanted it to be straight lol). Anyway, congrats on your purchase. It’s an awesome car and you won’t be sorry. Don’t forget to have your dealer tell you about the two-day V Academy course that comes WITH the NEW purchase of the car. Enjoy your BW!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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