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CUE Touchscreen 2014 SRX

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    I’ve read there is a class action lawsuit regarding the spiderweb or cracking of the screen which causes the touch screen to become unresponsive.Has anything been settled or am I relegated to spending $1200-$1500 to replace the screen? Its most important because I need a responsive screen to accept calls and to place calls for business. Any news? Anyone in Los Angeles replace the screen at a more reasonable price? Thx

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    I had the second one go bad and I did not want to replace with the same gel technology that dries out. I bought a screen through cuescreens.com I installed the no gel awesome screen for less than $130. I am still interested in joining a class action for the first $1900 replacement

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    I also bought the screen from cuescreens.com and replaced it myself
    Works like new


    Here to share my recent 2014 Cadillac SRX4 Cue system replacement experience. Vehicle has 45,000 miles. Cue system display started spider webbing at about 25,000 mi. and progressively got worse. Recently, the entire bottom half (the hidden compartment, seat warmers, on/off switch) just blacked out and stopped working. Time to get a new one. Dealer quoted $1500 for the part and service. Instead, I bought one here: https://issautomotive.com/ for $650 with coupon (request coupon before placing order). The dealership did the repair for $300 with the Cue system I purchased. ISS Automotive requires that you return the old unit, then they activate the warranty. Make sure you tell the dealership to put the old unit in the same box the new unit shipped in. ISS Automotive sends shipping label and drop off is at any UPS store. I’m in Southern California. Mark Christopher Cadillac had it installed same day. Can’t say I’m too happy about a $950 equipment malfunction on a vehicle with low miles, but at least it went smoothly.


    Bought my screen on Amazon for $60 about an hour to replace works awesome


    Just ordered mine from Cuescreens, $129 2 yr warranty & tools. Hopefully I still have the earlier screen as those installed by dealer after the end of 2017 need a different screen. I had an ’14 ATS Performance at the same time as my ’13 SRX Premium and I’ve had the CUE screens replaced in both, one of them twice so I’ve lost track.
    I’ll repost when I get it and install it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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