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CT6-V Blown Motor

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    Mar 2020 got my new 6V. Drove from Moody AFB GA to Mooresville NC to pick it up. Back to GA (what a wonderful drive it was) and then US Gov moved me to South Korea in Nov of 2020. Yup, I brought the V with me. Just about 18K miles on the car and travel to work on an Air Base. Speed Limit 30KM (around 20 MPH) on base where the car died. Restarted and the sound of death was evident. Car hauled to Caddy service center in Suwon Korea where they verified motor frozen. They requested to move vehicle to a bigger Caddy repair center in Seoul and I agreed. The V was sent to Seoul. I followed diagnosis and repair (with pics) over the next seven and a half months. Number 7 cylinder was missing a valve and what was left of the piston looked like a crushed soda can (I do have pics). I knew the V was a rare animal over here but from many years of service in this country I was confident the service folks at the repair facility could and would get er done. Jump ahead 7 and 1/2 months and I was called to come pick it up. I’m back in the car now and so far all seems good to go. This is my first Caddy and no plans to change brands at this time but damn, 100K purchase and according to the Seoul Caddy folks, around 50K repairs charged to warranty program. They say “Patience is a Virtue” but this little episode certainly tried every piece of me patience.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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