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CT5-V Blackwing surging or bucking

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    I’m experiencing a very sporadic but very noticeable engine surging or bucking behavior in my new CT5-V Blackwing. It FEELS a little like manual bog … i.e. as though trans is in too high a gear and is bogging/lugging the engine at a low RPM. It does not go away when you downshift or press the gas. Last happened in 3rd gear at about 2400 rpm, 40 mph. No codes or MIL. Anyone have a similar experience that was fixed?


    Sorry for the ‘me too’ post with no fix, but I’ll be watching to see if someone has any ideas. I was just talking to the service writer at my local dealership about this on Monday and he had not heard of it and didn’t find any tech bulletins on it in his system. My ’22 only seems to do it in the evenings when I leave work and it’s cool out. As you described, it’s under mild acceleration and I’ve had it happen while just letting the cruise manage my throttle, and also without cruise engaged.


    My 2022 CT5 Blackwing manual has a similar occasional issue since new. Happens only in the morning when the vehicle is cold, ususally within two miles of leaving home, rate of speed usually less than 45 MPH in fourth gear. When it does happen, it’s significant. Slowing the vehicle down or speeding up doesn’t help. It just seems to play itself out in about ten seconds. My Cadillac dealer has reviewed this issue many times, kept it overnight, tech has taken it home, etc. But since it’s occasional (as in it won’t do it while they have the vehicle) and the problem doesn’t leave any code for diagnosis, it remains a mystery.


    Sorry to dig up an old thread. I just experienced this surging this morning. I have an automatic 2023 with 4500 miles.

    Has there been any updates on this issue?


    I posted on this issue before. My ’22 Blackwing now has 14k miles and still gets that that infamous occasional studder, low RPM, 3rd or 4th gear, within 2 or 3 miles from home, first thing in the morning. My Caddy dealer has no idea of a cause. No codes. No GM tech reports. Nothing. Just annoying in an otherwise fantastic vehicle.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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