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can’t find sedan with super cruise for test drive

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    I have been eager to test drive one of the new (2022) sedans with super cruise. whenever I call a local dealer they tell me to check back and that they are out of inventory. several recommend I come in and put down a deposit. All I want to do is test drive one !! I know much is a result of covid plant closings, microchip shortage, etc.. Just curious of what other “potential” buyers are experiencing ??


    I feel your pain. I’ve rented a couple of Tesla and fell in love with the driver assist technology and then placed an order for one. Most of the major automotive magazines and websites, though, report that Super Cruise is a better, safer system. So, for that reason, my long history of GM loyalty, and some recent news out of Tesla, I canceled my Model Y order and am waiting to order a new CT5 with Super Cruise as soon as the order books open.

    I’d love a test drive, but I’ve resigned myself to just buying the feature on reputation and reviews. It’s sort of like buying a new Corvette… no dealer that I know ever has one available for a test drive. (I asked once, and the salesperson almost laughed at me.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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