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Cadillac Coupes

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    I have always bought Cadillac coupes, and since there seems not to be any on Cadillac’s horizon, I may have to go European.
    So I am considering Unsubscribing from the Cadillac Society.


    Buy a used ATS-V COUPE…..a beast, you’ll love it…..I have a 2018 ATS-V coupe….464 HP….same HP as my C7 Corvette


    I am looking at a 1985 Eldorado Biarritz convertible and thinking that I really miss these cars. The smaller FWD Eldorados that followed were not too bad and I liked some of the tech but those J-Frames were special. That said, I wonder what the real reason is for the all-electric push? Not buying the environmental BS because it contradicts science. They want us to drive cars made from dangerous batteries that pollute like nuclear waste. They want us to pay-as-you-go for everything. Hey, that’s what prisoners do. This smells like Bertrand Russell’s been cooking with Karl Marx.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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