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Anyone waiting for a 2020 CT4 they ordered?

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    So I ordered a 2020 CT4 Premium Luxury with the optional 2.7L engine, back in March, from my local dealer here in Ontario Canada. Then, the assembly plant closed for 2 months. (Lansing Grand River plant)
    My order is still there and waiting to be built, but have no idea when. The plant reopened in late May. Anyone else with this experience?

    Alex Luft

    Yeah, this tends to happen on occasion.

    Sometimes, the wait times are really (really) long. It took three months to build my ATS. The virus likely added a good two months to your order (because of the downtime) at the plant.

    Did your dealer give you an order number?


    No I did not get an order number from the dealer. He checks the status every day…it is still marked “preliminary”, so, in their system but not yet approved to build. I ordered in March plus LGR plant closed for 2 months so could be 5 months in all, perhaps August or September.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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