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2024 Lyriq Tech – Driver Assist Issue

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    It is not even 2 weeks, since I bought the 2024 Lyriq Tech and it is already headed to service at the dealership with “Service Driver Assist System” issue.

    Also, the Battery Prep for Fast Charging takes more than 1 hr and this is not informed by Cadillac.
    Only thing they highlight is 77 miles in 10 mins. but .. it takes LOT more time than that.


    Service Driver Assist System” issue. Please keep us updated on this issue thank you


    I have the same problem. Service lights keep popping up, charging at EVgo 200kwh still take about 1hr and 10 minutes for 80%. PARKING Assist is a joke.. just for showing not practical. Well I am stuck with it now. 2024 Lux1 trim


    I have been having the same problems, you would think that they would have a software fix by now


    Hi, I am new to the forum. I ordered a Sport 3, but in the interim decided to lease a 2024 Lux 1 AWD to get a feel for the Lyriq. It is a beautiful car! I too had the same issues within a few days of driving my car home. I will list them here –
    1. Service Vehicle Now
    2. High voltage charging system failure (occurred twice, both times had to send vehicle back to dealer. The first time they reset some codes and said the sensor (for the refrigerant may have been getting an error reading. The second time, the Lyriq team asked the dealer to fill 1.2lbs of refrigerant, instead of 1.1 lbs. And after driving around they did not see the fault again. I confirmed with them that there was o refrigerant leak).
    3. Service Driver assist

    For now, all the above items have been resolved. Additional observations which I wonder if anyone here is seeing this too –

    1. Park assist does not work. My previous vehicle was a Cadillac CT6, and it parked beautifully!
    2. The notification chime on start up is super loud! (from another forum I found that if you use the google assistant and say Show Audio Settings, it brings up a hidden menu where you can adjust the volumes and also change the notification alert tone. I selected none.
    3. After I park the vehicle, and press the electronic parking brake, I get a message that says Parking Brake released. And then I have to press the button again to engage the brake.
    4. wireless car play has a lot of lag. (maybe this is expected)
    5. everyone and then I get an assist saying bicyclist detection is not available.

    Charging – it takes unto 60 mins to get from 25% to 80% at a DC fast charger. I am yet to try the preconditioning of the battery to see if that makes a difference on charge time.

    And the audio system is not as great. But I may be comparing it to what I had in the CT6. Look forward to the Sport3 and hope that sound system is better.


    Went to the dealership to get it checked [ “Service Driver Assist System” issue ]. They said it is SW issue and the GM will come up with a fix for that.

    [email protected]

    I have a 2024 Cadillac Lyriq and get the message “Service Driver Assist System”. Onstar finds no issues when they run a diagnostic. The Lyriq does not seem to sense obstacles when I back up or traffic crosses my path. What should I do?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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