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2023 Lyriq standard equipment?

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    Preordered the all-wheel drive 2023 Lyriq, it has Digital rear view mirror, Heads up on windshield ,but if someone could list the standard equipment, Would truly appreciate that.


    I talked to Cadillac there is no heads=up on the windshield but the 31″ display does about the same here is what they said:
    1 Adaptive Cruse Control
    2 Pedestrian alert
    3 Rain sensing wipers
    4 Lane Keeping
    5 collision alert
    6 Adaptive head lights
    7 will have self-driving on a later software update.

    My XT6 had most of these so I called to see if the Lyriq was the same


    PS If you own a Cadillac now is a great time to sell or trade in. My XT6 cost me $60,000, with the extended warrantee. I got $52,000 plus $2,400 refund for the warrantee. That’s the best trade-in I’ve ever heard of. I only had the XT6 for about a year and a half and don’t drive much. I bought a pickup truck to drive while I wait on the Lyriq and will keep it. With used at an all-time high trade-in I couldn’t resist.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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