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2023 Escalade video recorder

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    I ordered a 2023 Escalade and it came with the Video recorder. After buying a SD card for it, I can not get it to work. It keeps tell me that I need to insert a SD card. I checked the SD card on my other car and on my computer and it seems to be ok. Does anyone have any info on the Video Recorder. There is nothing in the manual or online. The dealership has not been able to help me and Cadillac’s customer service line couldn’t answer anything about it.



    I also have a camera issue. My camera says SD Card Not Present. My SD Card is a SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB. I can find no help anywhere. Let me know if you find some answers. Thanks


    I have the fix. Read on… probably your same experiences!!

    Just got my 2023 Escalade and was going NUTS. When my car was delivered, super savvy sales guy told me what to use and said the book was wrong. But, what he told me was (I think) just like the book: minimum 64GB FAT-EX, v30. So, I bought a big fat 256GB card for $27 and it wouldn’t work. Tried formatting it differently, tried partitioning it. No avail. I reached out to him (sales guy) and he said it would only take 32 GB Class 10 (not 64GB, not V30). Since this card was so cheap ($8) , I ordered one on Amazon. https://a.co/d/hov74z7

    It worked!!! Right out the box, it worked. All those hours I wasted formatting a large card…waste of my time. Just print the manual correctly!!!! OR BETTER YET, include one with the car!!! It’s a few bucks for crying out loud.


    Ok thanks, I will keep it in my mind.

    [email protected]

    Same with my camera, when i put the card in the camera, it doesn’t show anything, what should I do?


    32 GB Class 10 is the only card that works.

    NOT 64GB
    NOT V30

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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