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2022 XT4 cabin wind Noise

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    I have a 2022 XT4 Luxury model and it seems after 5,000ish miles I have almost unbearable cabin noise from wind. Has anyone experienced this? When I first purchased the car new it seemed so luxuriously quiet in the cabin area and now I feel like I’m driving a convertible. Very disappointing.


    Did you ever find out what’s causing the loud cabin noise? I’m thinking about buying the 2023 sport XT4 but I’ve been reading about this issue on some models.


    1st question @klgailey do you have a LUX model with a sunroof? Had a customer tell me this issue was resolved from getting the sunroof molding reapplied, once sunroof was molding was patched sound was gone.


    @Caddygal No customers have told me about 2023 XT4 Sport Models having any cabin issues.
    Any questions on the 2023 XT4 Sport please reach out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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