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2019CT6 Platt dead Battery

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    Platt CT6

    For the 2nd time my CT6 would not start because the Battery was completely drained. does anyone know of a way to monitor the charge of the battery? the battery minder volt meter is no help.


    Do you have a Battery Tender connected to the battery that trickle charges the battery? If yes, does it indicate the battery is charged with a green light? How old is the battery, from my experience after 3 years in Florida where I live, the battery is living on borrowed time after 3 years of service. Also when the batteries get fully discharged, it takes life of of them in my experiences. I replaced my new in the fall of 2019 CT6-V’s battery in December of 2022. I figure with all the electronics and start-stop technology I wasn’t going to take a chance. I replaced it with the exact same battery as stock AC Delco Group 49AGM P/N 88864539, they are very heavy and somewhat difficult to get out of that hole in the bottom of the trunk. Good luck with your issue.

    Platt CT6

    I do not have a Battery tender hooked up. The Battery is 2 years old and the 2nd one in the car and original equipment from GM. Thanks for your battery number.


    Sorry to hear about the issues with the CT6. Depending on the battery purchased, ( quality, amps, guarantee) the battery may be covered by a warranty.
    however if the incorrect battery was installed, that may be the issue. Q: Does the battery take a charge and can start the car after the recharge? Also if the vehicle is not a primary rather than a drive when every, yes the battery will die, and after it is fully charged, a battery tender is suggested, a tender will not recharge your dead battery, however.
    These cars rely on a significant amount of power to run the computer, lights, engine components, and the like. if the battery is truly dead, I suggest it is the re-charging system in your vehicle (alternator and the like). Replacing the battery will only delay the repair. Most car part stores will not only check the battery but also have simple diagnostic equipment to check the charging capability of the vehicle.
    The most logical issues are: charging system failure, wrong battery, corrosion of terminals, something is on in the vehicle for long periods of time between using the car, or a short in the electrical system. Batteries are expensive, and diagnostics at a dealership is about $250.00. Wishing you luck in determining the issues

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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