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2006 SRX Sunroof repair kit

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    We have a 2006 SRX still runs good so far, But we need some help on where to locate a Long Sunroof on a 2006 SRX Cadillac Repair Kit. We are looking for the strips alone side of sunroof and in front of sunroof!!! We are

    having to tape it up and that just looks awful!!! Please someone help!!! The man who repairs ours here has

    retired. Please Help!!!


    I’ll keep my eye out. We just bought a 2005 SRX which a tree has fallen onto. Luckily the Stabilizer bar over the motor protected everything under the hood. The right front fender and quarter panel were damaged and it took out the entire moonroof, the back windshield and the third window back on the passenger’s side. That’s all we have to replace and the interior is in immaculate condition! But….WHERE TO GET THE MOONROOF? That baby is big enough to let a baby elephant ride in!


    So what are you doing about your moonroof? Have you tried the junkyards or ebay or amazon? Well this man told me the parts he was looking for

    were discontinued so he had to sell the srx as is!!! But we haven’t given up on ours just yet. We are looking for the F-Cover Seal right and

    left the right one was not discontinued but the left one was. That really makes no sense either. I don’t know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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