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2003 CTS T/C Light and engine dies

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    2003 CTS, Got another issue I’ve never experienced before,  As I’m driving the T/C light comes on and the engine dies while I’m on the interstate so I had to pull over, shut it down all the way and restart it. I had to restart it twice before the T/C light went out and I got it back on the road. After that there was a sudden and moderate shudder when I applied the breaks and when I accelerated at slower speeds. This was on the way to work. After work it did not do this but every now and then there was a slight shudder when applying the breaks. The shudder issue happens now and then but not like it did this morning after the T/C light and cut-off thing happened. I’ve had it a month and it has 116000 miles on it and I’m pretty sure it was sitting for a while before I bought it. There is a 3 amp power drain I’m still trying to find so every night after work I disconnect the battery if that has anything to do with it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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