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    Cadillac Corp.
    Triple AAA auto

    To be brief I limited the details but didn’t eliminate the dealer names and locations, and I mentioned the years only to reference some of the info I remember.
    3 Cadillac’s and 4 dealers later I recognize a pattern, from the 1st 2004 CTS to the last one 2017 CTS, and beginning with (Allen Gwynn Glendale Chevy), to (Montebello Chevrolet) While working in Whittier, followed to (Community Chevrolet in Burbank California), and lastly (Casa De Cadillac On Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks).
    So we have:
    Allen Gwynn Glendale Chevy
    Montebello Chevrolet
    Community Chevrolet in Burbank California
    Casa De Cadillac On Ventura
    3 Cadillac’s:
    2004 CTS (Steering Column/rack and pinon replacement) power steering pump leak issues 2014
    2009 CTS (Timing Chain replaced), (Timing chain cover oil leak) 2022
    2017 CTS (Knurled upper strut side Screw) after replacing passenger side ball joint 2023

    I do not see the Product performing below the manufacturer quality claims, instead I see a set of dealerships that are trusted with Cadillac Products and performed below the industry recommended standards of maintenance quality.
    I also notice a tendency of these Chevrolet maintenance trusted shops, that take advantage of a crowd of owners of Cadillac’s and extend their maintenance problems to justify their budget goals and overhead, rather than do the right thing for the customers.

    Thank you
    William A Grey Mclaren

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